9 Wonderful Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea: A Healing Booster

Lemongrass Tea. Is it edible? how can we inculcate it in our diet? How it can be used? Can it benefits our body?

Lemongrass, having scientific name Cymbopogon citratus, belongs to the family of “Poaceae”. It is also known as barbed wire grass, cochin grass, oil heads or fever grass.

Furthermore, lemongrass is commonly cultivated as culinary or medicinal herb due to its scent resemblance of lemon.

Lemongrass is an herb, with a range of bioactive compounds, that plays role in health issues.

Above all, it is used as food ingredient, tea, folk medicine and essential oil.

It has long stalks that gives lemony aroma and citrus flavor. Moreover, Its essential oil is used for aromatherapy that helps in reliving stress and uplifting mood.

It’s use as folk medicine is effective in treating insomnia, reducing pain and boost immunity.

Need a Healthy Booster?

Yes. Lemongrass Tea can be your health booster. Its lemony and citrus flavor is more than just making you feel good enough.

In general, lemongrass has multiple health benefits and consumed throughout the world as tea.

As it is known that the tea has ability to fight off free radicals. Thus, reducing the incidence of inflammation.

Lemongrass is best source of chlorogenic acid, that have fighting power against inflammation.

In this article, we take a look at the recipe of lemongrass tea and its benefits on health

How to Made Lemongrass Tea?

Lemongrass has long stalks and lower edible part that can be used in different dishes.

Take way the stalks and wash them thoroughly and follow the following steps:

  1. Cut the stalks in 1 to 2-inch pieces.
  2. Boil a cup of water.
  3. Pour the boiling water over the lemon grass stalks.
  4. Leave the stalks in water for at least 5 minutes
  5. Strain the liquid in the cup from the stalks.

Lemongrass can be used as one cup per day or fix it according to your diet pattern.

Lemongrass Tea Recipe
Lemongrass Tea Recipe (Source Pixabay)

Potential Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

1. Anti-oxidant Effect

Lemongrass contain antioxidants. E.g. iso orientin that can help to forage.

The free radical and toxins that are source of causing different diseases. It is also known as detox tea.

2. Anti-microbial Effect

According to research, lemongrass has ability to treat oral infections and cavities.

Few drops of lemongrass essential oil work against several bacterial and fungal species.

Vitamin C found in it helps in boosting immunity, thus can prevent bacterial and  fungal infections.

Lemongrass tea with a pinch of turmeric or cinnamon can heal cold or flu.

It working as a Anti-microbial Effect
It working as a Anti-microbial Effect (Source Pixabay)

3. Reduces Cancer Risk

Yellowish component of lemongrass tea have anti-cancer properties that can reduces the risk of cancer either by malignant cell death or boosting immune system to fight off cancerous cell.

Lemon grass tea is advisable during chemotherapy sessions.

Reduce the risk of cancer
Reduce the risk of cancer (Source Pixabay)

4. Aids Healthy Digestion

The data obtained from previous studies that lemongrass is found to be effective against stomach upset, stomach cramping, gastric ulcer and other digestive problems.

Sometimes, regular use of aspirin can cause gastric ulcer, which can be treated by intake of lemongrass tea, that provides a soothing or cooling effect to stomach.

Lemongrass aids Healthy Digestion
Lemongrass aids Healthy Digestion (Source Pixabay)

5. Diuretic Power

Lemongrass proved powerful diuretic because that can help the body to get rid off excess water and sodium.

It is rich in potassium that also increases the urine production.

Lemongrass act as diuretic
Best diureticBest diuretic (Source Pixabay)

6. Reduces Hypertension

High blood Pressure, a common disorder, and a branch to growth of other diseases.

Regular use of lemongrass tea helps in a moderate drop of systolic blood pressure.

Lemongrass Reduces Hypertension
Lemongrass Reduces Hypertension (Source Pixabay)

7. Lowers the Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol is an alarming signal for heart attack or stroke.

A study showed that moderate use of lemongrass tea can lower the level of cholesterol and help the body to rid of the bad cholesterol. The reduction in cholesterol is dose dependent.

8. Weight Loss

Weight loss, a major concern of everyone now-a-days. Bio-active compounds in lemongrass helps in boosting the metabolism that burns the excessive fat.

Polyphenols found in lemongrass stalks also help in oxidation of fatty acids. Thus, lemongrass tea acting as detox tea, can help you to lose weight.

Lemongrass Helps in Weight Loss
Lemongrass Helps in Weight Loss (Source Pixabay)

9. Relives Menstrual Pain

Lemongrass found to be effective for women’s health.

The soothing effect of lemongrass tea helps to relieves the menstrual pain or menstrual cramps, hot flashes and bloating.

It proves to be effective against Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).


Lemongrass is a medicinal herb, that anyone can include in their diet pattern in form of tea.

Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antioxidant, Ant obesity, Anti-Hypertensive, Anti-inflammatory properties of lemon grass tea clearly illuminate its pharmacological claims.

Thus, a cup of lemongrass tea daily can save your money spent on medicines or therapies.    

Written by Shazmina Hassan (BSc. Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Institute of Food and Nutritional Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.



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