Coffee: Is It a Blessing or Addiction


People are workaholic. They need to work without any breaks.

Students wants to study without resting during their exams but a human have certain power to do work after that they need to sleep but in today’s robotic world people needs to prefer to take the external help to endure the work.

The help is in the form of energy booster like coffee.

It makes their mind to work more effectively without feeling tired so surely a blessing for time being but what about the long-term addiction? Let’s find out in this article.


It is brewed beverage that is made by the roasting of the coffee beans.

There are more than 100 diverse species of coffee but the most common coffee beans used are Arabica and Robusta.

There are different kinds of coffee drink according to one’s taste (black coffee, latte, cappuccino, Americano, espresso, mocha, red eye, macchiato) some are tougher than the others, some have more steam milk, while some have more foam milk.

Coffee a Blessing

  1. Coffee act as the energy boosters to the people.
  2. It causes alertness in people.
  3. They can work more proficiently.
  4. It keeps than awake without making them feel exhausted.
  5. Coffee protect from the brain from Alzheimer disease. Coffee also results in lower risk of heart attack.
  6. Helps in burning of fats.
  7. It can drastically result in improvement of physical performance.
  8. Contains crucial nutrients such as riboflavin (vitamin B2), pantothenic acid (vitamin B3), magnesium and niacin (vitamin B3).
  9. It lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

So here question arises how it helps us awake?

How it make us feel alert and more energetic?

 let’s see what are the effects of coffee on human body?

Reason For Energy Boosting (Caffeine in Coffee)

There is caffeine present in coffee. It is the natural stimulant and it is found on coffee, tea and cocoa plant.

Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system of human and brain.

When a person drinks the coffee it is absorbed in to their blood stream.

From blood stream it travels to our liver and is breakdown in to compound that affects the various organs and then effect human’s brain.

How Coffee Effect Brain?

The function of caffeine is to block the effect of the adenosine (a neurotransmitter helps in relaxing the brain and makes person tired).

Caffeine helps in awakening of brain by connecting it to the adenosine receptor in the brain without their activation’s.  this blocking effects result in lessening of tiredness.

So it is a blessing proved from the above explanation but there is another side to the story.

Coffee as Addiction

Anything became addiction when after sometimes your body craves more and more of that substance to get the same effects like the first time you had.

As person develop antibiotic resistant against medicine in the same way drinking coffee daily will result in tolerance against caffeine. There are two type of tolerance i.e.

Increased caffeine amount for achievement of desired effect. Continually using the same amount resulting tolerance.

So caffeine is the apple of discord here.

Daily Consumption of Caffeine

Coffee block the effect of adenosine

How Caffeine Will Block Adenosine Effect and Develop Resistance?

Caffeine resembles the adenosine molecule.

What caffeine do is fit in the brain cell receptor for adenosine and block the adenosine.

Normally adenosine fits in the receptors and make human tired but as caffeine blocks the it so the person feel less tired and more energetic.

People who drink coffee daily their brain chemistry changes.

The brain cell is now attempting to maintain the equilibrium so; it is now producing more adenosine on daily basis.

More adenosine will result in tolerance of caffeine, now the amount of caffeine a person is drinking have no effect on brain. therefore, a person need to intake more caffeine to block the adenosine.

 There the caffeine doze increases.

Excess of Caffeine

 Excess of everything is bad so is caffeine.

A person should not drink more than 400 milligram of coffee per day.

If a person is drinking more coffee than 400 milligrams he/she will be at greater risk of the addiction.

It is hard for them to keeps themselves awake without coffee their brain will crave it until they fulfill the need of brain.

Why Person Need Excess of Caffeine?

When a person starts drinking coffee after sometimes they will become tolerant to the amount of caffeine they are using to keeps them more alert.

So in order to work more efficiently they will need more and more caffeine to work effectively like the first time so dose keeps on increasing.

The situation results in headache, anxiety, ringing in the ear, irregular increase in heartbeat.

It also causes chest pain and agitations.

It results in sever type of insomnia. If a person is forcefully keeping the brain awake, then it will be difficult to sleep after sometimes.

This situation need caffeine withdrawal immediately otherwise there will be more damage to your body.

Withdrawal is not an easy step when you are addicted to caffeine it results in also severe headache for a time but with will power it will be easy to avoid further damage.


Everything has its own good or bad effects, it depends upon how person uses certain product.

If somedays you are feeling down and you need to boost yourself then have a cup of coffee for that day and don’t make it a habit.

It’s good to go out with friends and have a cup of coffee and talk about things but it’s not okay to make it a part of your life and get addicted to it.

Don’t make yourself think that any energy booster like coffee is the reason of one’s success.

To work effectively you don’t need coffee or anything it’s just in your head. Mental plus physical health should be a person’s first priority.

Written by: Ayesha Fatima, BSc Hons Agriculture (Food Technology) Institute of Food and Nutritional Sciences, PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.



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