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Food Poisoning Investigation in Hospitality Sector and Preventive Action


Food poisoning called food-borne illness caused by contamination of food and occur at any stage of the food production, delivery and consumption chain.

In other words, food-borne illness is a matter of serious concern around the world because it can occur at any stage of the food production, delivery and consumption.

Moreover, food-borne illness has occurred due to cross-contamination factors such as water, soil and air pollution


Generally, food-borne diseases encompass a wide range of illnesses from diarrhea to cancers.

The gastrointestinal problems are considered to be the latest problems therefore they produce neurological, gynecological and immune symptoms.

Diseases causing diarrhea proved a major problem in all countries of the world.

Generally, the Low and middle-income countries having this burden more as compared to developed nations. The children below 5 years of age are more vulnerable

Food Poisoning Symptoms
Food Poisoning Symptoms


As per WHO, Every year nearly one in 10 people around the world fall ill after eating contaminated food, leading to over 420 000 deaths.

Furthermore, children affected disproportionately with 125 000 deaths every year in people under 5 years of age.

children facing food poisoning
children facing food poisoning

Commonly, diarrheal diseases are the main causes of deaths and other serious consequences of food-borne diseases include

  • Brain and neural disorders
  • Kidney and liver failure
  • Cancer
  • Reactive arthritis
  • Death
Food-borne impact (Source WHO)
Food-borne impact (Source WHO)

WHO Response

In collaboration with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization as well as WHO created the Codex Alimentarius

Therefore, it is a nongovernmental inter-agency organization tasked with creating food guidelines, codes of practice and standards for fair business.

Furthermore, it contributes significantly to the quality, safety and fairness of international food trade.

Investigation Procedure
Investigation Procedure

Food Borne Illness Causing Organisms

The chart includes foodborne disease-causing organism, sources and diseases

Food-borne illness causes by different organism
Food-borne illness causes by different organism (Source FDA)

Food-borne Illness Investigation

Generally, in case of any complaint regarding food poisoning in the hospitality sector, therefore, an immediate response is required.

For investigation purpose following steps are most important prior to the conclusion

  • Data collection
  • Assessment
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Report preparation

In order to investigate food poisoning incident in hospitality sector, following type of format used

Above all, In case of unsatisfactory results from lab then hotel will generate NC form to cover following

  • Incident details
  • Correction (Immediate action taken)
  • Root cause analysis (possible reasons by using scientific approach)
  • Corrective preventive actions (actions to avoid re-occurrence of such complaints)

Written By Muhammad Nadeem   (Hygiene Manager/FSTL The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention and Spa)



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