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GFSI Recognized Schemes Understanding Standards Structure

Through its one of the strategic objectives “Benchmarking and Harmonization“, The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) offers globally accepted recognized certification programmes and supports a basic “once certified, recognized everywhere” business approach.

Objective For Harmonization

GFSI is aiming to create efficiency in food safety management system of an organization

Finally, offers a businesses passport to access the global market

GFSI Bench-Marking and Harmonization of Standards

The GFSI bench-marking and harmonization of standards is built by the consensus of technical experts through




Technically proficient process

To comply GFSI’s Mission is “Safe Food for Consumers Everywhere”.

Moreover, diagram shows the key elements as defined by Codex Code of Practice to be considered while developing any GFSI-recognized scheme

GFSI-recognized scheme
GFSI-recognized scheme

As per Global Food Safety Initiative bench-marking version 2020, following are the internationally recognized certification programmes which food business can use considering best fit their scope and needs.

These recognized standards cover full supply chain scope from

  • Farming
  • Feed production
  • Pre-processing
  • Processing
  • Food packaging
  • Food broker/agent
  • Provision of storage & distribution services
  • Wholesale
  • Food service
  • Retail
Organizations work on food safety
Organizations work on food safety

GFSI bench-marked schemes need to be based on food safety management system, Codex Alimentarius, HACCP, good manufacturing, agriculture, storage practices compliance with  customer’s requirements as well as regulations in the country of operation and of countries in which product are sold and consumed.

In following table, comparison of mostly used Global Food Safety Initiative recognized schemes elaborated in term of consideration of basic requirements.

There are numbers of resemblances which make us easy to understand the basic structure of GFSI bench-marked standards

GFSI bench-marked standards
GFSI bench-marked standards

To further understand the standard’s certification, following table will provide us some insights about validity, criteria and related process.

So in case of going for any Global Food Safety Initiative recognized certification, selection of right standard is crucial considering organization scope to make sure there is the perfect match between the scheme and the organization.

After selecting the scheme, obtain copy of the standard to read, learn and understand the requirements in detail

Once approval granted from top management, then start with the training and capability development program using GFSI Global Market program

GFSI Global Market program
GFSI Global Market program


Embracing any GFSI bench-marked standard not only lead organization in achieving food safety culture.

It extends benefits like regulatory compliance, cost saving, managing risk and access to global food market opportunities.

Written By Sagar Mahmood Khan (Head of QA Compliance Center MCC Global Quality Assurance Management, METRO AG, Germany)



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