Health Benefits of Phalsa (Grewia Asiatica): A Wonderful Summer Fruit


Phalsa or Falsa is a product of the tree Grewia asiatica, which is a local of Pakistan and different nations like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand.

It has likewise been naturalized in Australia and the Philippines.

It is a little tree that develops to a tallness of 15 to 20 feet and bears harsh sweet minuscule rosy purple natural products which take after blueberries.

The tree natural products during the pinnacle late spring a long time of May and June every year.

The natural products are effectively short-live and its juice can be set up to last the whole summer.

Likewise, the organic products are eaten as they are with the expansion of a little salt and dark pepper.

The organic product is devoured for its cooling impact in summer just as for its other medical advantages. The whole tree has different employments

Uses of Phalsa

  1. The natural products are utilize to treat different medical issues.
  2. The leaves are utilize as dairy cattle grain.
  3. The branches are utilize to make bushels for shipping vegetables and organic products, as a fuel and the wood is utilize to make the toxophilite’s bow, lances, handles, shafts and so forth
  4. The bark is utilize to make ropes and as a substitute for cleanser. Additionally, the adhesive which is separate from the bark by beating it in water is then used to plan earthy colored sugar from sugarcane squeeze because of its explaining impact.

Nutrients & Antioxidant Activity Of Phalsa

  1. Great degrees of Potassium, low degrees of Sodium, plentiful in Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus and fiber.
  2. The seeds contain palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids.
  3. The natural product strip has the most elevated cell reinforcement action followed by the mash and afterward the seeds.
  4. The natural products additionally offer radiation assurance.
  5. The leaves likewise show cell reinforcement action.

Health Benefits of Phalsa

  1. It is excellent to reduce summer thirst and sweltering climate related issues.
  2. The crude natural product eases irritations, fevers, and blood problems. It filters blood.
  3. A brilliant reliever of respiratory afflictions like asthma, bronchitis, colds, hacks, and sore throat.
  4. It alleviates urinary issues like consuming and the juice helps in assuaging stomach related issues like abundance corrosiveness and acid reflux.
  5. The mixture of the bark is utilize to treat looseness of the bowels.
  6. The glue of the leaf’s fixes skin contaminations like dermatitis and ejections and mends wounds.
  7. The natural product eases liver and nerve bladder issues, manages circulatory strain and cholesterol.
  8. The seeds are utilize to treat gonorrhea and ripeness issues.
  9. It shields from sunstroke, fixes sickliness.
  10. The bark of the root is utilize to treat stiffness.

Recipe For Phalsa Juice

  • Ingredients

        1/2 weight unit Phalsa fruit
        2 Liters Water
        Two Tsp Ground cumin seeds
        2 Tsp mineral
        1/4 weight unit jaggary or Sugar
        Fresh mint leaves for garnishing.

  • Method
    Firstly, soak phalsa in water for half-hour.
    Strain out the fruit.
    After that mash the fruit and take away the seeds.
    Then add ground cumin, halite and jaggery to the water. Mix well.
    Chill it.
  • At last add garnishing and serve.

Written by Nida Abeer, BSc (Hons). Agriculture (food technology) Institute of Food and Nutritional Sciences, PMAS-Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi



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