How Can Parents Support Their Children During Covid-19

Covid-19 is a severe illness which is caused by a virus and it is originated from a city of China, that is Wuhan. 

It is a respiratory disease, has impact on our lungs and it causes breathing issues and vice versa.

Symptoms of Covid-19

The symptoms of Covid-19 are given below

  1. Severe cough
  2. Raw and sore throat
  3. High temperature
  4. Body discomfort
  5. Muscle cramps
  6. Flu
  7. Headache
  8. Asthmatic breathing
  9. Anosmia (loss of smell) and loss of taste
  10. Fatigue and nausea
  11. Diarrhea
  12. Chills
  13. Congestion
  14. Chest pain
  15. Skin rash

Preventions of Corona Virus

Precautions and preventions of corona virus includes:

  1. When going out, wear a mask.
  2. Wash your hands frequently.
  3. Maintain social distancing
  4. Don’t use your hands when you cough or sneeze.
  5. Use hand sanitizers.
  6. Use Dettol, alcohol swaps and other things for thorough cleaning of house.
  7. Don’t go in rush places.
  8. Keep your hands away from eyes, nose, mouth.
  9. Wash the household items utterly as they brought in home.

Stay home, stay safe.

Treatment of Covid-19

As corona virus is a very deadly virus, so we should take the precautions and make sure to save ourselves and our loved ones.

It has caused around 1.76 million deaths in all around the world wide. Its treatment is not diagnosed so far as its cause of origin is not found yet.

The most we can do as the treatment of corona virus is self-isolation for 14 to 20 days. As in most cases, it recuperates with self-isolation.

Effects of Covid-19 on Our Daily Lives

Covid-19 has immersed effects on our daily lives as educational institutions are closed, lockdowns are done in many areas, outdoor activities are restricted, use of hotels, restaurants, parks and other places are restricted.

Effects on Children

Just like adults, covid-19 has its effects on children physically as well as mentally. As a fear of corona present in the overall environment is also effecting children.

These fears are the fear of death, death of loved ones, treatment of Covid-19, effecting of it, self-isolation and of many more things.

Children are also disturbed by the closure of educational systems and other places as their major activity of life were these schools and colleges.

They are suffering from the loss of structure and routine from environment.

Ways Parents Can Assist Their Kids in Pandemic

Have a peaceful and calm conversation about covid-19

We should teach our young generation that they are not alone in this battle. We are with them and we will support them.

Teach them about the symptoms and preventions about the disease and how can we avoid the catch of this illness and how can we maintain the social distancing from each other.

Teach them that common flu or cough is not corona virus as it is different.

Give them the right piece of information regarding covid-19

Ask them about the information they have about corona virus and check if they have misinformation or not.

As there are many misconstructions and stigma about this disease. Correct their facts and figures so they can also guide the accurate and precise information to the next person.

Keep the pattern of their lives on line

As the schools and colleges are closed, and online learning is held. Many children have lost their track of routine.

Parents need to set their kids on a schedule as it will help the kids to overcome the fears and loss of track of routine.

Parents should maintain the time plan of waking up, going to bed, lunch, dinner, play time on technology, technology free play time. Otherwise their kid will become aggressive and lazy.

By reducing the media availability

Due to lockdown in most of the countries, kids are on their devices around all the time.

Parents strictly need to make sure that children spend limited amount of time on their devices.

Another thing should be raised here is that kids don’t watch news or use social media on their own as these sites promote the negativity and toxicity in our environment.

Kids innocent minds cannot handle this negativity as it may leave major impacts on their minds.

Make plans and schemes with kids

Pandemic or no pandemic, make time for your kids. They don’t know whether you’re busy or not.

They need your time and reassurance. Your negligence now can cause many psychological issues later.

Make sure that you are having their back no matter what. Make different plans with them.

Start different activities with them. Have your play time with the kids.

These small positive things will have major good and constructive effects on their childhood.

Let them experience their own sentiments

Because of the present situation, it is okay for the kids to feel sad. There major activities are stopped due to covid-19.

It is all fine to feel a little bit low or down. Which is not okay is to remain in that sadness for more time.

Utilize this time to help their children by finding their inner selves. Let them exposure themselves.

Let them find out what can they do overcome this depression and anxiety. Parents need to support their children.

By Managing their anxieties

Understand that kids will become anxious at one certain time.

Parents need to reassure them and tell them that this is a serious disease but it can be overcome or get controlled if we take the preventive measures properly.

Educate them on following the SOPs. Stand by them in this tough situation

Make time to listen them and have open conversations

It is vital to make sure to them that you are listening to their questions and concern about covid-19.

If they ask a question which you also don’t know, make time to find the answer of that question with them. Have open discussions with them.

Help them in online study

Help them in their online home-tasks. When you help them in their online education they will think that you are here with them and you have time for them.

Stay in touch with their school faculty, teachers and other parents for their betterment.

Observe your behavior and self-care

Last but not the least. The most important step is to take care of yourselves and your mental health.

If parents are over-stressed about their work and other chores, how will they manage and support their children in this non-permanent reality.

Don’t share your fears and anxieties with your kids. They should not let their anxiousness in the way to support their kids.


How people face a number of difficulties and problems in this hard time and the outbreak of covid-19 has caused drastic changes in the social life of people, especially in our youth and children. Parents should keep and support them, it will have a positive and calm effect on their virtuous and pure mind.


Written by Rimsha Sami (BSc Hons), Institute of food and nutritional sciences, PMAS- Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi



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